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Operating since 1970, Kenlock Motors is a full service automotive repair shop located in the Auckland area. Our expert technicians are here for all your repair and maintenance needs, plus much more. We offer a range of services to make sure your vehicle keeps running in top condition.


Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your car is working in top condition. Over time, parts deteriorate due to natural wear and tear. We are your one-stop car repair and maintenance shop for virtually all of your vehicle’s needs.


Warrant of Fitness for cars, motorbikes, and trailers

We make sure your car meets vehicle compliance so you can drive safely here in New Zealand. We are able to issue WOFs to all car makes and models, as well as trailers and motorbikes. If it doesn’t meet compliance, we can fix whatever your issue is so you can pass your WOF.

Computerised wheel alignment

We offer a state-of-the-art computer wheel alignment service to reduce tyre wear and make sure your vehicle is travelling straight and true. After a wheel alignment, you should experience easier steering, improved tyre life, and better fuel efficiency.

Tyres Service

We handle a wide range of tyre services. Whether you need a puncture repair or a wheel adjustment, we’re here to help you get back on the road.

Mechanical and electrical repairs on all makes and models

We are able to do full mechanical and electrical repairs for all of your car needs. From air conditioners to car batteries, from faulty motors to shaky steering wheels, we can fix it so you’re back in a safe, comfortable vehicle.

Diagnostic scanning

We offer diagnostic scanning to have a look into what’s happening inside of your vehicle. Like a health scan for your car, a diagnostic scan helps us identify the problem using fault codes made by the manufacturer, saving you money by identifying the problem before it spirals.



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Address: 548 West Coast Road, Oratia, Auckland 0604


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